Brandeis Brings Shade of Green to Otterson Hall

The efforts of 2007 student Jay Brandeis to green Otterson Hall are starting to pay off. Working closely with Dean Sullivan, Assistant Dean Clark Jordan, and a host of internal and external partners, Brandeis has been a principal driver of the effort to put solar power on Phase I of Otterson Hall. After a year of conditioning, the contractual agreements for the deal are now being finalized.

The Otterson system is a photovoltaic solar array scheduled for installation in June and expected to have 19.2 kW of capacity. It will satisfy roughly 10% of Otterson’s energy demands and offset the equivalent of approximately 18-20 tons of carbon per year. The system is just the second PV installation by a U.S. business school and the first at UCSD over 5 kW. As shown below, the array will be located on the southeast corner of Otterson, opposite of RIMAC, and a monitor in public view will report its productivity.

Otterson Solar Details


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