Alumni Spotlight on Martin Sabarsky ’06

Martin with daughter Alexandra

Martin Sabarsky ’06 is the Vice President of Corporate Development at Diversa Corporation (Nasdaq: DVSA). We caught up with Martin to launch the Alumni Spotlight, a regular feature of the Wire. Diversa is a public biotechnology company where, for the past seven years, Sabarsky has worked in a number of different roles with increasing levels of responsibility. As Vice President of Corporate Development, he is currently responsible for mergers and acquisitions analysis, negotiating and documenting collaboration, license, and mergers and acquisition agreements, investor and public relations, corporate communications, and SEC reporting.

Wire: How has Rady impacted your job function and success?
Sabarsky: Rady has increased my credibility and confidence as my role has increasingly been to help lead the management of change within Diversa, as part of a corporate restructuring in 2006 and a pending merger announced in February 2007. In addition, much of the coursework and case studies in several disciplines have proven very useful in specific projects I have undertaken during and after Rady.

W: What class (or classes) do you retrospectively view as most valuable?
MS: Courses on Strategy, Operations, and Strategic Cost Management have proven to date to be the most useful in my current role. [Generally,] classes that attempt to synthesize multiple discliplines (e.g., strategy, marketing, finance, etc.) have been the most valuable.

W: How have your goals changed since graduation?
MS: Since graduation, I am even more interested in pursuing venture capital in the future, as I believe it would afford me the opportunity to use/leverage my transactional experience and further hone multiple skill sets in finance, strategy, and operations.

W: Any updates in your family or personal life?
MS: My daughter Alexandra (5 yrs old) begins kindergarten in the summer, and Rady baby Sophia (16 months) is talking up a storm and continues to develop quickly to try to catch up to her big sister.


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