Rady Goes to TJ

Life Tech visits DJO in Tijuana

The Rady Life Tech Club recently visited DJ Ortho’s maquiladora manufacturing facilities in Tijuana, Mexico.  Headquartered in Vista (north San Diego County), DJ Ortho designs, manufactures, and markets rehabilitation and regeneration products for the non-operative orthopedic markets. The trip was hosted by Jerry Wright, Director of Corporate QA & Operational Excellence at DJ Ortho. In 2005, DJO’s Tijuana manufacturing plant was honored as one of IndustryWeek’s Top Ten Best Plants in North America. The trip included a tour of the manufacturing and distribution facilities and a candid conversation with DJ Ortho’s Tijuana-based leadership. Discussion topics included outsourcing in China vs. Mexico, marketing of medical devices, and lean manufacturing techniques. The trip provided a hands-on experience for Rady students seeking to learn more about cutting-edge manufacturing in the medical device industry.



2 thoughts on “Rady Goes to TJ

  1. Special thanks to Rok Owt for coordinating everything and spending an entire day (with lot of commuting) with us Rady folks. We learned a lot, not to mention I had the best “authentic” Chicken Cordon Bleu I’ll ever eat in Mexico.

  2. The laser cutting machine and attention to detail regarding lean operations was incredible. DJO is sustainability in action.

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