AlisTech Propelled by Competition


Founded by Nick Boyle, Brian Guzik, Vanee Pho, Mike Sitzmann, and William Warner, AlisTech Inc. is a biotechnology company with vision. The Full-Time ’07 team intends to launch a product that will become the standard of care for cancer therapy induced mucositis and create a more efficient paradigm for drug development by first launching products in veterinary oncology.

AlisTech was recently one of two teams selected to represent the Rady School of Management at the McGinnis Venture Competition hosted by Carnegie Mellon. A total of 23 teams were selected from top MBA programs around the world to compete for prizes totaling more than $250,000.

Although AlisTech did not advance in the competition, it has succeeded in building the infrastructure of a virtual biotechnology company. Key milestones to date include filing a provisional patent on a drug combination for the prevention and treatment of mucositis, assembling a world-class advisory board, securing legal council, incorporating the company, and selecting a contract lab to conduct proof of concept studies.

AlisTech has ambitious plans: Boyle, CEO and President, is pursuing $7.5 million in funding to turn the AlisTech dream into a reality.

Nick Boyle ‘07 contributed to this post.


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