Spring Fling Slideshow*

Thank you to Jasmine Pritchard ’08 for providing this slideshow from the full-time program’s recent Spring Fling. Organized by Maren Grazzini ’08 and Brian Kelly ’08, this year’s event was a big success for the FT classes and a win for Rady culture.

*An editor’s note regarding this video can be found in the comments.


One thought on “Spring Fling Slideshow*


    After intense debate among the student community, the original version of this video has been replaced with a scrubbed version deemed suitable for public use by the Rady Student Association. Here are some relevant comments from this debate:

    “On Admit Day, many of the questions asked of the panel I was on were directed at sports, non-academic social activities and the cohesion of our class outside of the classroom. I think the video really captured all of that, and some version of it would be nice for prospective students to see.”

    “I think it is extremely important for employers to see that we are real people who like to have fun. People like dealing with those who like to have fun. They are typically more enjoyable to be around, more well rounded, and they can get along with employees and other members of management better than those who do nothing but work.”

    “The slide show is fun and shows our community’s unique energy but some of the inside jokes and pictures are frankly inside and you need to know the person and the frame of the joke to appreciate it. An outsider or recruiter may view these inside joke and potentially interpret them as unprofessional and could damage our brand considering how young our school is.”

    “My opinion is that such personal images should be limited to the Rady Community.”

    “As a semi-outside observer, 2/3 of the images are great for everyone, but about a 1/3 is not. It especially might jeopardize the image of some people. The Rady brand is not at such a risk, but you should ask yourselves whether some people who are portrayed and some who are not would rather have it the other way.”

    “Judging from the online presence of our competitors, we might surmise that they also seem to feel there is value in this.”

    “I appreciate and enjoy the mix of professional/fun photos and think, were one to infer the Rady experience from the slide show, they would see we represent unique and diverse backgrounds, exhibit creativity, take our education seriously when needed, enjoy a strong sense of camaraderie, and know how to let loose when the opportunity allows. More importantly, I don’t see anything in there which I wouldn’t show to my mother.”

    Readers are encouraged to view similar entertainment from our counterparts at other fine MBA programs such as Columbia, Stanford, Harvard, and Chicago.

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