07s Unify to Celebrate

On Sunday, May 20th the 2007 Full and Flex classes held a social reception to raise awareness of their combined class gift campaigns, nibbling on hors d’oeuvres and sampling choice wines above the Pacific Ocean. Underwritten by Union Bank and the Rady Alumni Association, the event was held at Il Fornaio in Del Mar.

The occasion was a tribute to the accomplishments of Rady students as pioneers of this start-up MBA institution and served as a welcoming of the 2007 class to the Rady Alumni family. The afternoon marked the first Rady-sponsored effort to co-mingle the Full and Flex 2007 students who have had very little interaction in the past due class scheduling. The occasion also helped build momentum before tomorrow’s opening of Otterson Hall, wherein the Class of 2007 will hold the last and final classes of their MBA careers.

During the event Professor On Amir addressed attendees about the importance of unity and Dean Sullivan offered comments in support of the effort. Unification of the 2007 class gifts is currenty being lead by Rady development and Mike Kirkwood ’07. Check out these photos:

Vanee Pho ’07 contributed this post.  Photos are courtesy of George Nagata ’07.


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