Dean Sullivan Launches Student Life Task Force

Dean Robert Sullivan

As part of Rady’s ongoing effort to advance student culture within the program, Dean Sullivan has invited a small group of students to participate in a student life task force. The effort will begin immediately upon completion of the graduating full-time class exit interviews.

In a message this afternoon to both full-time classes, Dean Sullivan stated that, “Otterson Hall gives a far better opportunity to make great things happen in our sense of community.” He went on to specify that the “task force is charged with identifying, evaluating and prioritizing, and then helping to implement specific, concrete initiatives that will impact student life.” The objective, he explained, is to “ensure that these [initiatives] are accomplished quickly and create a difference for the fall, when FT08s return and our next incoming class arrives.”

The campaign does not stop there. In conjunction with the task force, MBA Programs will be hiring an MBA intern from the class of 2008 to work with the team as well as MBA Programs and the Rady Student Board to ensure successful implementation.


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