Alumni Spotlight on Sergey Sikora ’06

Sergey Sikora ‘06

Sergey Sikora ‘06 is the Senior Director of Business Development at GenWay Biotech. He is currently responsible for corporate strategic development, technology in-licensing, new product out-licensing, negotiations, alliances, and joint ventures. Sergey has a PhD in Molecular Biology from UCLA and BS in Biochemistry cum laude from UCLA.

Wire: How has Rady impacted your job function and success?
Sikora: Only because of the Rady School I was able to transition from a technical to a business position. I came to the Rady School with a specific goal in mind: to move from research into a business leadership position in a biotech company. MBA Career Connections made this possible through one-on-one counseling. I spent a good deal of time with the Career Connections staff working on networking and interviewing skills, and on polishing my resume to reflect my leadership and business skills.

My new Rady resume did attract attention. The school sent out resume books of upcoming graduates, and the CEO of GenWay Biotech saw mine and invited me in for an interview. The Rady School played a crucial role in my obtaining a leadership position at GenWay Biotech. It would have taken many years before I could have made this career move if I had not joined Rady.

W: What class (or classes) do you retrospectively view as most valuable?
SS:Negotiations. I use the skills acquired in this class every day. Through in-licensing negotiation, product out-licensing, and large contracts, the knowledge learned in this class is extremely valuable for my present work. It constitutes probably 80% of success at present. Another important class is Corporate Finance. I use this knowledge when determining the feasibility of new projects and new strategic directions of the company.

W: How have your goals changed since graduation?
SS: I still have the same goal: starting a successful venture-backed company. There is nothing like having your own company, where you make decisions and you are responsible for the results. I believe that seeing new technology or new products brought to market by a new venture and revolutionizing some field or changing a market landscape is the best feeling.

W: Any updates in your family or personal life?
SS: My daughter Michelle already finished the 2nd grade and is getting better and better at tennis. My wife Marina opened her own Dental Office.


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