Alumni Spotlight on Daniel Perret ’06

Perret’s Study Group

Daniel Parret ’06 currently works in Decision Support at Biogen Idec in San Diego. He is also a member of the pioneering Flex class of 2006 and a feared veteran of Rady intermural soccer. The Wire caught up with Daniel for our most recent spotlight.

Wire: How has Rady impacted your job function and success?
Perret: The Rady School helped me make the transition from lab to commercial. When I started the FlexMBA program in 2004, I was working in the Protein Chemistry department at Biogen Idec. Eventually, I had the opportunity to work a few hours per week in the marketing group at Biogen Idec and earn credits through the Tech Workshop class; this 6-month mission allowed me to gain exposure to the company’s commercial strategy and make connections that greatly facilitated my transition into the commercial side of drug development. Upon graduation, I joined the Decision Support group to support the market research activities for new products currently in development within the Oncology franchise.

W: What class (or classes) do you retrospectively view as most valuable?
DP: One of the most valuable classes was definitely the Biotech Strategy class. Our professor, Jay Kranzler, brought in some great speakers and encouraged great class discussions around the future of the biotechnology industry. During that class, I also learned tremendously from my classmates who, for the majority, hold senior management positions in local biotech companies.

I also particularly enjoyed the negotiations class taught by David Schadke. Through the practice and analysis of real-life examples, we were able to acquire negotiation techniques that turned out quite useful at the time of my new contract negotiation!

W: Anything you’d like us to know about?
DP: I remember my first day at Rady on September 10, 2004. I barely knew anyone in the classroom and got assigned to a specific group of students who would become my study partners for the first two quarters. Every week, we met a couple of times per week after work to go over all the assignments and readings; these meetings were also a chance to learn from each other since everyone in the team had a very distinct background. Without their help and support during the entire program, my Rady experience would not have been the same. Thank you Niall, Ebonye, Robert and Vaychan !!


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