Rady Returns to Petco September 17th

Rady will make its annual trip to Petco for Padres baseball on Monday, September 17th.  The game and reception cost $30 for alumni and are free for the incoming class of ’09.  This is a great event held on Petco’s Upper Deck Terrace that all are encouraged to attend.

The reception begins at 6:00 pm and game at 7:05.  An RSVP is requested by September 10th.


Catherine Mi Takes on Tomorrow, Travels World


Catherine Mi ’07 is an embryologist at the San Diego Fertility Center and the founder and CEO of Fertility Tomorrow, an organization that provides education and guidance to women regarding fertility and egg preservation.  The Wire caught up with Catherine just before she departs for month of enviable travel.

Wire: How has Rady impacted your job function and success?
Catherine: Rady has enabled me to understand projects from a management perspective and given me the resources to take a broader view of why a particular project may be beneficial to an organization’s long-term objective. Whether I am using the tools I learned from Quantative Analysis to prepare a research paper, examining how the implementation of a particular strategic plan will impact the success of the company, or managing a team with approaches from Mabel’s Leadership class, I am better prepared to face the everyday challenges of my career.

W: What class (or classes) do you retrospectively view as most valuable?
CM: The capstone of the Rady MBA Program, Lab to Market, was a truly invaluable experience in my MBA journey. Through the series, I was able to research and analyze a business opportunity that has since become Fertility Tomorrow, a company dedicated to offering women the education to understand their reproductive options, specifically fertility preservation and egg freezing. Lab to Market taught me the essential steps in evaluating a market need, assessing operational and marketing challenges, creating a business model, and perhaps most importantly, writing a successful business plan.

W: What are you reading these days?
CM: Amazingly, I have actually found time to start reading again! I’m about halfway through Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a memoir about her spiritual journey across the globe to seek out herself and all that she is truly passionate about. Through her travels, she is immersed in the culture of each setting — pleasure in Italy, devotion in India, and divine transcendence on the island of Bali. It’s a wonderful read and is a great reminder of the importance of maintaining balance in and finding passion for life.

W: Any updates in your family or personal life?
CM: My husband and I were married last August between Summer and Fall quarter, so we’ll be celebrating our first anniversary just after graduation! Since he also recently finished his Master’s program (Public Health at UCLA), we’ll finally get to spend some more time together. In the next few months, we’ll be headed to Napa, Costa Rica, and Cambodia to make up for all the weekends that have been dedicated to school!

Pony Up

Rady marketing professor On Amir was recently quoted in a SDUT article about the comeback plans of the “once-hot” sneaker maker Pony.  With new owners and a headquarters in downtown San Diego, Pony is picking up its pace in the retro sneaker market.

Alumni Board Meeting Tonight

The Rady Alumni Board will meet tonight at 6:00 pm in room 3S111 of Otterson Hall (the IT Conference room). This is the Board’s third meeting in Otterson as well as the first to include our new members and the Flex class of 2007 as alumni.  Traffic data for the past month is included below.