RSB Plans for Fall Return


The Rady Student Association and its leadership, the Rady Student Board, have been actively ramping up for their return to campus next month. The Wire caught up with RSA CEO, Jasmine Pritchard ’08, to download the latest news.

Wire: What has the RSB been up to this summer?
Pritchard: RSB members have been busy. For example, Lisa Larson has been driving the student-led portions of Pre-Term. Janet Ireland has been leading a committee of FT08s who are planning the first MBA Auction (during which teams of FT08s will be auctioned off to local businesses for 20 hour projects) and an elevator pitch competition to build momentum leading up to the event.

RSB members and Rady club leaders will also be taking part in a Leadership retreat at Otterson Hall to build leadership skills and provide an opportunity for everyone to prepare for our welcome of 09s.

RSB members have also been responding to student feedback: Janet and I have both met with Robin to address some concerns we have heard about students’ career preparation, and Josh has compiled the results of the L2M survey.

Finally, RSB members have been representing the student body on a number of committees: Pete has been working with IT on Community improvements and Jasmine has been working with the Student Culture taskforce to bring a little more fun to Otterson Hall. Speaking of fun, Normi has planned a variety of happy hours where the FT and Flex classes have had a chance to mingle at our new local pub, Estancia.

W: What are you looking forward to most about the 3rd year of the RSB?
JP: I can’t help but look forward to welcoming all of the incoming students to Rady and to Otterson Hall. The student board has made great progress in the past two years and a lot of the foundation is in place. This will be the year where the fruits of that labor start to really hit the prime time: the MBA Auction, the much-anticipated happy hours, and the Storm Ventures course.

W: Where are you hoping to have the greatest impact?
JP: With the new building finally opened, I think the most immediate progress is going to be felt on the student culture front. You can’t help but feel like you’re in a world-class institution when you enter Otterson Hall. We’ll set the tone with PreTerm and a welcome back event for the 08s. And the RSB will continue to nurture this developing culture throughout the year with innovative events like the MBA Auction, as well as with biweekly happy hours (which we’re calling ‘Business Casuals’ after a suggestion from FT08 Shang). The happy hours will be a chance for everyone in the Rady community – FT and Flex students, alumni, faculty and administration – to catch up with one another and build relationships.


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