07s Unify to Celebrate

On Sunday, May 20th the 2007 Full and Flex classes held a social reception to raise awareness of their combined class gift campaigns, nibbling on hors d’oeuvres and sampling choice wines above the Pacific Ocean. Underwritten by Union Bank and the Rady Alumni Association, the event was held at Il Fornaio in Del Mar.

The occasion was a tribute to the accomplishments of Rady students as pioneers of this start-up MBA institution and served as a welcoming of the 2007 class to the Rady Alumni family. The afternoon marked the first Rady-sponsored effort to co-mingle the Full and Flex 2007 students who have had very little interaction in the past due class scheduling. The occasion also helped build momentum before tomorrow’s opening of Otterson Hall, wherein the Class of 2007 will hold the last and final classes of their MBA careers.

During the event Professor On Amir addressed attendees about the importance of unity and Dean Sullivan offered comments in support of the effort. Unification of the 2007 class gifts is currenty being lead by Rady development and Mike Kirkwood ’07. Check out these photos:

Vanee Pho ’07 contributed this post.  Photos are courtesy of George Nagata ’07.

Elaine Kub ’07 Appears on CNBC


Corn is king for Elaine Kub ’07, who appeared on CNBC this afternoon to comment on the corn commodities market. You can watch her video here.

Kub made an early departure from PCH to start work at DTN as a Commodity Market Analyst. She shifted to a Flex schedule and travels back from Omaha every other weekend to attend class. You can see more of her work in this Market Matters post.

Congratulations go to Elaine on a great appearance and meteoric rise to prominence.

Keri Peckham contributed to this post.

Cusano Prospers with Options Study


For the Wire’s first independent study highlight we connected with Tony Cusano ’07, who recently completed a series of projects with Professor Rossen Valkanov.

For the duration of his second year, Tony worked on a trading strategy centered around options volatility. He was able to find a market input directly correlated with future volatility in a stock that could be exploited using derivatives. Tony was able to show a very high risk adjusted return (Sharpe Ratio) and due to the success of his independent study, is currently implementing his findings in the market.

Tony’s project sequence allowed him to investigate many strategies with a ‘master’ in a 1:1 setting. He has since applied his skills in practice with a San Francisco-based mutual fund, which was arranged by Professor Valkanov. Tony explained that an “independent study is so effective because it gives students the opportunity to explore special interest projects with input and guidance of from industry.” This, he claimed, “drastically increase[s] the caliber of the project.” In this setting, said Cusano, “customization is key and that’s what really separates an independent study from a traditional elective.”

Connection, Community and Contribution

For the purposes of sharing and feedback, here is the mission statement of the Rady Alumni Association:

The mission of the Rady Alumni Association is to build lifelong personal and professional relationships among alumni, students, the Rady school, and business leaders through connection, community and contribution.

Alumni Board Seeks New Rockstars

If you have an interest in joining the alumni board or an alumni committee, please contact Jan Tuttleman to get involved. The board is expecting 3-4 vacancies this summer as current members rotate off. This will usher us into a steady state composition of 12 elected alumni, an RSA representative, a development liaison, and a rotation of Rady administrators. Terms typically last for 2 years. The board meets over dinner on the third Tuesday of every month.

This is a great time for Rady and a great way to further your investment in and committment to this program.

Ramping for Summer Growth

With the Full-time class graduating in less than a month and the Flex class graduating in August, the Rady Alumni Association is poised to grow by over 190% this summer.

Once relocated in Otterson Hall, the Flex program will transition both classes to concurrent (same weekend) schedules. By September, the current student population will top 240 members. The graph below shows the projected growth of class sizes and alumni. The forthcoming evening program is included in the Flex count. PhD students, who are expected to enroll for the 2008-2009 academic year, are not reflected in this data. Click the graph to view a larger version.

Population small

Assistant Dean JoAnne Starr and Greg Stein ’06 contributed to this post.